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Transformational Breathwork 

Y’all!!! I found conscious connected circular breathing in 2018 and it changed my life! I utilized that method until 2021 when I was knocked over by Transformational Breathwork, which was more involved than the previous method I was practicing. It is different from all others and has a more clinical and anatomical approach along with accessing conscious shifts, to assist in fully opening the actual respiratory system as well.  This process creates a fully embodied, functional, and ease-full, open-breath pattern in the experience, that will also imprint in the subconscious and carry over into everyday life.  I was breathing wonky for most of my life AND every breathwork session until I found the Transformational Breath process. That means, I was only able to get so far because our respiratory system becomes dysfunctional through life experiences and trauma. This approach aids in freeing the breath, creating a more functional breathing pattern that will clear physical and emotional blockages using breath analysis, guided imagery, sound, bodywork, and movement. These sessions hold the potential to induce altered states of consciousness without any medicine, for a fully integrative and transformational experience to create lasting shifts. I’d love to assist you in this process and feel free to read more about this modality at! 


Transformational Breathwork Offerings


Private Sessions 

Initial Session 2 hours- sliding scale from $75-150

Follow-up sessions $75-125


Group Sessions

Option1- Beginners- up to 20 people- 2 hours-donation based

*Educational and experiential class*

-Learn the anatomy of the breath and why choose breathwork

-Includes breathwork experience


Option 2-Semi beginners, intermediate, advanced- 90 mins- up to 4 people- a sliding scale of $55-75 per person

-Includes breath analysis

-Breathwork experience 


Option 3- intermediate to advanced- up to 4 people- 3 hours- sliding scale $100-150 per person

Includes- Cacao, breath analysis and breathwork, integration with light massage or reiki ending with grounding nutrition


Text or message button to inquire 


Massage Offerings

All massages are offered on a sliding scale which means, pay what you can afford.


One hour- $85-125 * 90 minutes- $125-175  *  Two hours- $175-225



Deep Tissue

Pain and pain management


Swedish/ Relaxation


Hot stones

 Text or message button to schedule an inquire

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